Having trouble with discharge planners not referring to your building?

Establish a pre-surgery orthopedic rehab orientation program for the patients of a local orthopedic surgeon.  This will provide the opportunity to create a connection between his/her patients and your facility prior to their surgery and will virtually ensure that the patient selects your facility for their short-term Medicare Part A rehab – regardless of what the discharge planner may suggest.

Focus on community relations through education

Use educational materials and resources on senior health and wellness topics to establish your credentials as senior care experts and advocates within your community. A well-designed program should deliver a regular flow of useful information that establishes relationships between your facility and individuals and families before your services are even needed. In fact, this important best practice can be used with multiple audiences.

Focus on converting inquiries into admissions

How important is the ability to convert routine inquiries into actual admissions?  Data shows that converting just one phone call could produce over $10,000 in added Medicare revenue. To take advantage of this opportunity, educate your staff on the value of every call and set up the systems to ensure that you realize the potential of each one.