Focus on Holiday-Oriented Activities

Help make this a joyous season for all

Focus on holiday-oriented special events and celebrations to help turn a stressful time into an enjoyable experience. Whether it’s a holiday open house, seasonal arrangements in the lobby, a toy drive or tree/menorah lighting ceremony, these simple best practice “events” can be very effective in generating a holiday spirit and positive word-of-mouth from staff, residents and families alike.

Focus on Census-Leading Indicators

Optimize the value of your marketing investment; focus on tracking and managing census-leading indicators.

Your organization should consistently and accurately track inquiries/referrals, conversions, admissions, CMI, LOS and satisfaction.  You'll be surprised how much value this can generate.  By establishing a process-based system to capture this information, you can use that data to improve performance, enhance revenue and boost your bottom line.

Focus on Building Important Relationships

Optimize the value of your marketing investment:

The marketplace for every LTC building consists of three important audiences: referral sources/referral influencers, the general community, and internal audiences (family members, staff and discharged short-term rehab patients). Whether building a positive image for your facility, increasing inquiries and referrals, or generating more positive word-of-mouth; consistently communicating with each of these three audiences is the key to achieving your census and revenue goals.

Focus on Best Practices

For multi-building operators, the concept of sharing best practices can be an important benefit to your organization.  Have your buildings document their best practices relating to operations, customer service, marketing and sales.  Then, take those ideas and leverage them among your other buildings.  You’ll be surprised to learn how much value this can bring in terms of generating more referrals, increasing admissions and building census.