Focus on Outcomes‏

Achieving successful outcomes and letting all your referral sources know about them is one of the best ways to increase your Medicare referrals. This year, hospitals will be making important decisions about who to partner with, especially as the ACO issue heats up. Successful outcomes and high satisfaction levels will be rewarded with more high reimbursement referrals.


Your website should care about your care

The goal of your website should be to generate inquiries. The way to do that is to create engaging, clear and relevant content that not only tells a potential inquiry about who you are, but also how you’ll be the solution to their healthcare needs. Americans tap search engines more than 12 billion times a month to find everything from stroke rehab to jambalaya recipes. Make sure that each of your care services has their own dedicated page on your website. By doing this, it will allow your services to get found by those searching and generate new inquiries into your building.

Increase profitability by increasing marketing efficiencies

In today's environment of growing competition and shrinking reimbursement it's critical to find new and better ways to market your building or system. Try using more digital communications like e-mail, or re-using proven campaigns that have delivered measurable results (at a savings in production costs and development time).


Focus on Reducing Re-hospitalizations

The pending financial penalties facing hospitals on Medicare Part-A re-admissions means referral sources will prefer to refer to SNF’s that are focused on reducing re-hospitalizations. A basic retention program can not only reduce re-hospitalizations, but also deliver real increases in LOS and census.