Customer Service,

  • Focus on Best Practices

    For multi-building operators, the concept of sharing best practices can be an important benefit to your organization.  Have your buildings document their best practices relating to operations, customer service, marketing and sales.  Then, take those ideas and leverage them among your other buildings.  You’ll be surprised to learn how much value this can bring in terms of generating more referrals, increasing admissions and building census.

  • A 24/7 admissions and discharge policy

    Today, a 24/7 admissions and discharge policy is an important way to demonstrate your commitment to providing outstanding care and customer service. Appreciated by referral sources, their patients and family members, it’s a policy that will help you to attract more referrals and more admissions.

  • A pleasant hello goes a long way

    In addition to a friendly smile, whenever staff encounters a family touring or visiting the facility, whether there is an opportunity to engage in conversation or just in passing, staff should always maintain eye contact. Focusing a friendly gaze (not an intense stare) and a pleasant “hello” creates the sense that you are paying attention and that you genuinely enjoy having visitors in the building (especially with the holidays approaching).

  • Focus on the first 72 hours

    Consider developing a “First 72 Hour Program” in your building(s) that focuses added attention on the resident and their family during the critically important transition into your facility.  Promptly answering their questions, exhibiting a positive, reassuring attitude and having every department head meet the family/resident will put you on the path to having a satisfied customer who spreads positive word-of-mouth.

  • It all starts with your website

    The central location for all your internet activities is your website. It serves as a hub for all your online communications. In digital marketing, your website acts like the front door to your facility. A website designed by a LTC professional, with copy written by an LTC professional, will work to immediately engage visitors – using the content on the site to quickly create a positive feeling about you and your credibility as a senior care expert.

  • Reduce Re-hospitalizations Through Family Education

    Recent studies show that 33% to 50% of SNF resident hospitalizations are the result of family demands. Educate family members that: