Focus on Building Relationships

Establishing a Clinical Nurse Liaison to do hospital outreach can deliver significant added value. By providing a clinically savvy bridge between your organization and all key audiences – residents, families and referring hospitals – the Clinical Nurse Liaison can enhance direct communication and improve coordination of care. The relationships that are created in the process lead to greater satisfaction and appreciation for your capabilities, resulting in more referrals and admissions.

Good Customer Service = Positive Word of Mouth!

Often the first and most important impression is made over the phone. Reinforce with your staff the importance of proper phone etiquette. When a call comes in to your facility, be sure that the call is answered right away. Encourage your staff to speak with a smile on their voice. If the caller needs to be placed on hold or transferred, ask for permission before doing so. These small changes will result in an increased level of satisfaction for everyone who calls your facility.

Focus on Customer Service

Great customer service starts with encouraging residents’ families to create a notebook of family photos, a brief biography of the resident, or a list of their loved one’s favorite activities. This can help staff members get to know the residents better and project a more caring position with families.

Build Positive Word of Mouth

Good surveys are valuable assets.  Encourage your staff to mention these achievements to friends and family members.