Word of Mouth Customer Service & Satisfaction

  • Banish senior blues

    The upcoming holiday season can be particularly difficult for the elderly. Help banish senior blues by making positive personal contact, starting with a warm smile. Practiced by every staff member, every day, this simple act can lift spirits, inspire confidence and speak volumes about the friendly, caring nature of your facility.

  • Focus on enhanced communication

    Building relationships directly with consumers and enhanced communication with “satisfied customers” are just two ways for your facility/community to increase inquiries and admissions. Take advantage of the strong interest on the part of families to be more proactive in the planning and delivery of care for their loved ones by offering educational materials and information that address issues of importance to seniors and their families.

  • Impossible

    Remove the word “impossible” from your vocabulary when dealing with residents, short-term patients or family members. As we all know, good customer service is the best way to increase census. For example, when dealing with upset customers always stay calm and ask, “What do we need to do to make this situation right?” Make sure you get the facts right, avoid making excuses and explain how long it will take to “fix" the situation. Most importantly, always keep your promises.

  • Aroma Therapy

    Use aromas to directly and immediately influence your visitors’ moods and impressions. Just like the wonderful smells of bakeries in supermarkets stimulate sales, a tray of freshly baked cookies or a brewing pot of coffee placed strategically in your facility can create a welcoming sense of home and belonging. You’ll find this subtle personal touch can reduce anxiety and send a strong, positive message about your environment.

  • Build Positive Word of Mouth

    Good surveys are valuable assets.  Encourage your staff to mention these achievements to friends and family members.

  • Build satisfaction among your Medicare rehab admissions

    Focus on building satisfaction among your Medicare rehab admissions. Statistics show that 40% of short-term patients return to the LTC system in just 7 months. By striving to achieve 100% satisfaction, you will not only ensure that many of your former patients will come back to you, they’ll become a great source
    or word-of-mouth referrals.

  • Create new referral sources from old friends

    Some of your best referral sources are part of your facility’s “extended family.” Focus on building exceptional satisfaction among residents’ family members and the many short-term rehab patients that will be returning to their homes. Acts of exceptional courtesy, kindness and understanding can transform them into personal ambassadors for your facility and its services.

  • Focus on building community relationships

    Invite local men's and women's clubs and organizations to hold their regular meetings in your facility. This is an excellent way to build relationships with the community and generate positive word of mouth. It also provides the opportunity for any residents that may have been associated with those groups to enjoy taking part in the meetings once again.

  • Focus on Building Positive Word of Mouth

    Share the “thank you” letters and testimonials from short-term rehab patients and residents’ family members with their physicians and referral sources.

  • Focus on Customer Service

    Great customer service starts with encouraging residents’ families to create a notebook of family photos, a brief biography of the resident, or a list of their loved one’s favorite activities. This can help staff members get to know the residents better and project a more caring position with families.

  • Focus on Holiday-Oriented Activities

    Help make this a joyous season for all

    Focus on holiday-oriented special events and celebrations to help turn a stressful time into an enjoyable experience. Whether it’s a holiday open house, seasonal arrangements in the lobby, a toy drive or tree/menorah lighting ceremony, these simple best practice “events” can be very effective in generating a holiday spirit and positive word-of-mouth from staff, residents and families alike.

  • Focus on staff interaction

    The secret to resident and staff satisfaction is relationships. Encourage every staff member to learn at least one fact about the lives of each of the residents that they interact with on a daily basis. The more you know about someone the more likely you are to treat them like you would a friend or family member.

  • Good customer service = Positive word of mouth about your quality of care

    Many residents and family members equate excellent customer service with excellent care.  That’s why it is so important to make every interaction – even simple requests – a positive, memorable experience.  Go out of your way to make sure those you are serving are totally satisfied.  They’ll appreciate it and remember it! Most important, they’ll tell others about the wonderful care they received at your building!

  • Good Customer Service = Positive Word of Mouth!

    Often the first and most important impression is made over the phone. Reinforce with your staff the importance of proper phone etiquette. When a call comes in to your facility, be sure that the call is answered right away. Encourage your staff to speak with a smile on their voice. If the caller needs to be placed on hold or transferred, ask for permission before doing so. These small changes will result in an increased level of satisfaction for everyone who calls your facility.

  • Increase Revenue with Customer Service

    Strive to achieve 100% satisfaction among short-term rehab patients and their families. The value can be measured in terms of positive word-of-mouth, customer loyalty and increased admissions.

  • Keeping in touch

    A happy family member is like having your own "ambassador" right in the community you serve.
    Be sure to communicate with current and past family members about your improvements, accomplishments,
    and successes. The more they know, the more likely they will be to share these positive attributes with
    a friend or neighbor.

  • Keeping the “family in family”

    Here’s a system that has worked for our clients over the past 30+ years. Stay in touch with family members who in the past have had a loved one at your facility/community. We call this keeping the “family in family” so when another family member requires services, they naturally turn to you.

  • Older Americans Month

    It’s not too early to begin thinking about May and Older Americans Month. While public awareness is high, partner with other local organizations (religious organizations, schools, large businesses, etc.) and create a program that will project your facility/community as a caring member of the community and an expert on long-term care.

  • The importance of attitude and behavior

    Train all of your staff members to be courteous, friendly and helpful. Constantly reinforce the importance of attitude and behavior. It’s a proven way to raise overall satisfaction levels of residents, patients and families alike. That, in turn, results in increased word of mouth referrals.

  • Think outside the box for new referral sources

    In today's climate, every referral counts and its important to focus on expanding your referral sources beyond hospital discharge planners and case managers. Consider establishing relationships with others who can influence a referral, such as community and religious leaders, as well as assisted and independent living communities. Expanding outreach can be done very efficiently...allowing you to do more for less!